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Audio/Video Samples

Diptych (An Audiovisual Installation) (2021)

Recorded by the Argus Quartet

Audio and video editing by Sarah Wald

Original video clips provided by Pixabay

Three Miniatures for Orchestra (2022)

I. Snowcap

II. Deluge

III. Panorama


Performed by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by Aidan McManis

Three Miniatures for Orchestra

Three Miniatures for Orchestra

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Stage Whisper (2021)

Empyrean Ensemble and Sarah Wald

Cake: A Micro-Opera in One Act  (2019)

Ann Moss, Jacob Thompson, Kurt Rohde,

Karen Rosenak

Text by Lucy Corin

Asynchronies (2021)

Berlin PianoPercussion

Addition, Subtraction (2021)

Chris Froh

Floating Archways (2021)

Performed and recorded by Sarah Wald

Audio and video editing by Sarah Wald